Audacia is famous for delicious naturally preserved, no sulphur added wine made using natural antioxidants (extracted from indigenouse South African fynbos Honeybush and Rooibos plants) that preserve wine naturally without the need to add sulphur as a chemical preservative.

This way of making wine enhances the fresh fruitiness and delicate flavours of the wine that are normally supressed by sulphur additions for added enjoyment and pleasure.


The year was 1930. Astronomers had just discovered Pluto, and Mahatma Gandhi had embarked on the salt march to protest British dominion over India.

At the other end of the world, in the beautiful winelands of Stellenbosch, the heir to Neethlingshof, young Kosie Louw, could no longer bear to wait for his father's blessing for his impending marriage – so he spurned his inheritance and left the historic family farm.

Instead Kosie bought himself and his young bride a small piece of the Annandale farm situated in the picturesque and fruitful Bonte River Valley in Stellenbosch. Both his English wife and friends thought his actions so bold and audacious they decided to christen the new farm 'Audacia' in recognition of Kosie's actions. 27 years later, his son, 'Kosie the Second', joined his father in running the farm.

Audacia remained in the Louw family until 1996 when it was bought by the Strydom family, with the Harris family becoming partners in 2002. These families remain proud custodians of the Audacia heritage - continuing to make winemaking history by pushing the boundaries of radical innovation by making unique naturally preserved, no sulphur added wines. The wines are made by using Rooibos and Honeybush antioxidants to replace having to add sulphur as a chemical preservative during the winemaking process.


Audacia is situated between Stellenbosch and Somerset West in Stellenbosch's prime vine growing region. The farm lies in the gently sloping Bonte River Valley, perfectly positioned on the banks of the Bonte river at the foot of the majestic Helderberg Mountain. It is part of a unique patch of land known as the 'Golden Triangle' of Stellenbosch.

This area is acclaimed for producing some of South Africa's finest red wines, particularly Shiraz. It's for this reason – and the fact that its vineyards are exclusively planted to red grape varieties – that Audacia dubs itself 'The Red Wine Boutique Winery'. It is part of the country's oldest and most established wine routes, the Stellenbosch wine route.


The name 'Audacia' is synonymous with a spirit of adventure, innovation, and boldness. These characteristics are epitomised in our audacious approach to both our viticulture and naturally preserved, no sulphur added wines.